Ruban Bleu Electric Boats supports project leaders in the design of their nautical base.

The boating industry is not in crisis, thanks to a real craze for pleasure boats. After two exceptional years, 2023 is set to confirm the vitality of this sector: in the first half of the year, registrations rose by a further 6.7%, despite a tense economic climate.

The French market is all the more buoyant because it has developed a genuine culture of nautical activities: according to the French Nautical Industries Federation, our country is the world leader in sailing and water sports and the fourth largest producer of motorboats.

In response to strong demand, many people are dreaming of launching their own nautical base.

But how do you go about it? What are the best practices and the pitfalls to avoid? How can they ensure the profitability of their future base?

To help them get off to a good start, Ruban Bleu Electric Boats, the European market leader in river pleasure boating, is offering them support from A to Z in designing their future nautical base.

A 360° support to create a sustainable nautical base

Ruban Bleu Electric Boats is a french manufacturer of electric boats without a licence, from 5 to 30 seats. Created in 1992, it is located in Vigneux de Bretagne, near Nantes in Loire-Atlantique.

As well as selling boats, this dynamic company has also set up a turnkey nautical base concept.

It provides project developers, local authorities and leisure centres with a range of services, from the sale of spare parts (batteries, propellers, propeller pins, carbon, pontoons, bollards, etc.) to training in fault detection.

“Helping project owners prepare their future base is an integral part of our DNA!”

More than 300 bases already installed in France and abroad

Help with setting up a nautical base

This scheme has been specially designed to support project sponsors in the process.

The Dream Team will be at their side, step by step, until their base is launched:

  • Defining the project: defining the project, ideas and expectations in a complete and detailed specification.
  • Feasibility study: visit to study the stretch of water and its banks, as well as accessibility and the question of electric power.
  • Administrative study: applications to the relevant authorities, DDTM, AFMAR, applications for approval, insurance, etc.
  • Operating forecasts: assessment of investment, operating costs, maintenance costs, seasonality, rates and staff costs.
  • Installation of the base.
  • Follow-up.

Personalised help through additional services

Because each project leader may have specific needs, Ruban Bleu has also developed a range of “on-demand” services:

  • Start and Go: assistance with the installation, commissioning, use and maintenance of electric boats.
  • Geolocation: tracking the fleet, recording the position and history of each boat, setting up navigation and maintenance alarms.
  • Online reservations.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Training: fault detection, intervention and equipment maintenance.
  • Special Passenger Attestation.

Ruban Bleu: over 30 years’ experience and French know-how

Founded in 1992, Ruban Bleu develops, produces and sells a complete range of electric boats, from 5 to 30 seats. It has also been able to evolve by offering a range of services to meet the expectations of project sponsors and contribute to the development of its customers’ businesses.

Now the European leader in electric boats, this flagship of French excellence continues to grow, building on its culture of innovation. New boats and new engines will soon be launched on the
market. Always with the aim of defending a 100% French approach.

“Always in line with our slogan “Let’s sail into the future together!”, our customers’ expectations and needs are more than ever at the heart of our actions.”

Thibault de Veyrinas, the director

The pleasure of silent navigation

Thanks to its range of electric boats, Ruban Bleu offers boaters the pleasure and charm of river tourism without the annoyance of engine noise. This allows them to enjoy a unique experience, close to nature, relaxing and sharing good times with friends and family.

Support for the creation of nautical bases

Project owners who want to launch their own nautical base benefit from tailored, step-by-step support.

The “Location Study Service” offers a study including technical and administrative feasibility, as well as a forecast of the project’s operation.

The manufacture of 100% electric motors

The ECO ONE range of motors, the fruit of R&D innovation, is a new generation of high-performance electric motors (up to 1,200 hours of use before overhaul). Ruban Bleu is the only manufacturer of POD electric motors in France.


Today, Ruban Bleu represents :

  • + Over 30 years’ experience ;
  • + More than 100 boats produced per year;
  • + More than 3,000 boats sailing around the world;
  • a full range of customer services, including maintenance, logistics and spare parts;
  • support for project promoters ;
  • a Research & Development department;
  • recognised know-how.

“We will be present at the Boot in Düsseldorf from 20 to 28 January 2024 and we will be exhibiting 3 boats: the Scoop2, the Scoop+ and the Most.”

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