Electric Narrowboat on the Tidal Thames

Zero Fuss and Zero Pollution.

Welcome aboard the “Falcon,” an electric narrowboat, for a serene and eco-friendly adventure on the tidal Thames River.

Our journey takes us from Teddington to Brentford, where we join the Grand Union Canal. Share our experience, the beautiful surroundings and the unique tranquility of electric boating, along with some challenges we faced, including ‘noisy’ rowers, more specifically their coaches and overhead aircraft as they make their approach to Heathrow.

Falcon is a prime example of sustainable travel. Powered by electricity, she glides silently through the water, leaving no carbon footprint behind. Explore the serene waters of the Thames and enjoy the beauty of green boating.

Discovering the Tidal Thames Feared by many boaters, the Thames River is not just a waterway; it’s a blend of history and natural beauty. As we journey along, we’ll take in iconic landmarks like Richmond Bridge and the picturesque landscapes that grace this magnificent river.

One of the remarkable aspects of our journey is the profound silence of electric boating. With the electric motor we can appreciate the sounds of nature in their purest form.

It’s also much easier to hold a conversation on the stern of the boat. Not diesel fumes either. Experience the tranquility that only an electric boat can offer.

Aircraft noise is apparent  approaching Richmond, one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the UK. The overhead flights really interrupt the peace of this very charming town.

At the journeys end  we transition to the Grand Union Canal the pace changes, as does the scenery transforms. Follow us through the 2 locks which mark the beginning of this historic waterway.

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