Does Hybrid Work? An Owner’s Testimonial on the Greenline Hybrid Experience

A Journey of Silent and Sustainable Cruising

Embark on a journey of innovation and tranquility with the Greenline Hybrid System, a revolutionary technology redefining boating. This owner testimonial, featuring Jon Fleming and his family’s experience with the Greenline 40, exemplifies the seamless blend of sustainability, performance, and versatility. Their journey with the hybrid yacht spanned seven years of unforgettable adventures.

Discovering Greenline and Eyachts

Jon Fleming’s fascination with Greenline began in 2011 when European boating magazines lauded the brand’s hybrid cruising approach. Intrigued by this concept, Jon contacted Eyachts, the exclusive Australian dealer of Greenline Yachts, to experience the technology firsthand. Eyachts, accessible via their website, was instrumental in helping Jon and his family transition into the Greenline lifestyle.

Why Greenline Hybrid Propulsion?

After 14 years with a Herreshoff ketch, the noise of traditional powerboats was a deterrent for the Flemings. The innovative hybrid system of Greenline allowed them to cruise almost silently in electric mode. They chose the Greenline 40 because of its twin-engine model, perfect for extended cruising. The layout, with a full-size fridge, pop-up TV, and ample space, offered exceptional comfort. The six solar panels seamlessly integrated into the cabin roof provided ample power for onboard comforts without the need for a generator.

The Hybrid System in Action

The hybrid system worked flawlessly, complemented by the generous solar panel setup. For seven years, the Flemings never felt the need for a generator. While they initially planned to use electric propulsion more frequently, they found themselves reserving it for serene moments, enjoying the silence and tranquility it offered. Their annual whale-watching expeditions were particularly special, thanks to the absence of motor noise.

Whale next to Greenline Yachts


Eyachts: The Trusted Dealer in Australia

Jon Fleming praised the team at Eyachts for their support throughout their Greenline journey. Their assistance, advice, and guidance during the purchase and ownership were exemplary. The Flemings were so satisfied with their Greenline experience that they purchased additional boats from Eyachts, continuing to receive the same high level of support.

Extended Cruising and Highlights

The Greenline 40 was ideal for extended stays, and the Flemings embarked on a three-month voyage from the Gold Coast to Lady Musgrave Island, savoring each moment. The solar and 240V system flawlessly powered their appliances throughout, ensuring uninterrupted comfort and convenience.

Comfort on board Greenline Yachts

Conclusion: The Ultimate Hybrid Experience

The Greenline Hybrid System provides unparalleled silent cruising, supported by EYachts, the exclusive dealer in Australia. For anyone seeking a sustainable and versatile boating experience, the Greenline Yachts H-Drive is set to make a difference.

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