BIG Master Plan

John Vo, Founder & CEO of Blue Innovations Group
Document Date: 4/22/2022

Our planet would be fine without us – it doesn’t need humans to save it. The planet will exist with or without civilization. At Blue Innovations Group (BIG), we have a love for humanity and the art, excitement, and curiosity that comes with it. We want civilization on this planet to last forever. We must adapt to the changing environment and build a more sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come. Some think we should focus on getting off the planet and migrating to Mars, but I think we should explore new ways to live, work, and play on the water.  

Blue Innovations Group will enable the world’s transition from land to water with sustainable solutions. 

The first step towards life on water is our R-Class™  

Step 1: Electric boats ranging from 25-35 feet in length. The R-Class embodies what boating should be. Our flagship, the R30, lays the blueprint for a new era of marine technology 

Owning a boat is a significant financial and environmental liability, so we designed a recreational boat that is sustainable by every definition. It’s the safest boat. Its controls and mobility are intuitive. It’s incredibly versatile and comfortable for all. BIG is developing the supporting tech for life on water.  

It’s appropriate to call our first generation the Revolution or R-Class.  

The next step towards life on water is our FClass™ 

A sketch of a boat

Description automatically generatedStep 2: Net-zero energy vessels capable of traveling longer distances. BIG will develop the technology for these vessels to travel comfortably on the water for weeks with sustainable energy from the wind and sun.  

Our second generation is called the Freedom or F-Class (free from traditional energy sources). Making sailing easy and safe will bring landdwellers to the sea, changing people’s perception of “normal” life.  

The final step towards life on water is our L-Class™

A drawing of a city

Description automatically generatedStep 3: Modular floating SmartHomes with all necessary technology to be self-sustaining for water-based civilization. The L-Class will support all basic wants and needs, including aquaponics-based growing, sustainable fishing, energy, entertainment, AI, etc 

You can travel to land or other floating communities via zero-emissions watercraft, spend months on the water, and become liberated from conventional concerns of high property taxes, traffic, coastal flooding, etc. After all, most of the Earth’s surface is water, and its beauty should be enjoyed. Our third generation is called Liberty or L-Class  


This is our master plan to continue the growth of civilization here on Earth. We’ll see you on the water.  

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