Announcing Valencia Electric Boat Show 2024

The 2024 Valencia Electric Boat Show, organized by the National Electric Boat Association and the Nautical Companies Union of the Valencian Community, marks Spain’s entry into hosting dedicated events for electric and sustainable boating. This unique showcase is set for April 11th to 14th at the Marina de Valencia and invites industry professionals, environmental enthusiasts, and the general public to explore the latest in electric, hybrid, and hydrogen boats.

This first-of-its-kind event in Spain, and a notable addition to Southern Europe’s maritime calendar, emphasizes the growing importance of sustainable practices in the maritime sector. It aims to serve as a platform for innovation, showcasing advancements in marine technology that align with environmental conservation efforts.

Valencia Electric Boat Show 2024 official logo

Key Highlights:

  • Showcase of Electric and Sustainable Boating: Attendees will have the opportunity to discover a range of boats powered by electric, hybrid, and hydrogen technologies, reflecting the event’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Innovative Marine Solutions: The expo will also feature cutting-edge technologies for the maritime industry, including smart charging solutions and solar panels, focusing on improving energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of boating.
  • Community and Industry Engagement: The Valencia Electric Boat Show encourages active participation from businesses, governmental agencies, and individuals passionate about the sea, aiming to foster dialogue and collaboration towards a greener maritime future.

Objectives: The primary goal of the Valencia Electric Boat Show is to raise awareness about the significance of eco-friendly maritime practices and to encourage the adoption of innovative technologies that offer alternatives to traditional boating methods. This event seeks to position Spain as a leader in sustainable nautical activities and to drive the industry towards a more eco-conscious direction.

Why Participate?

  • For Industry Stakeholders: It’s a chance to connect with pioneers in sustainable maritime technology, explore business opportunities, and stay ahead of the curve in eco-friendly practices.
  • For Environmental Enthusiasts and the Public: An opportunity to learn about the latest developments in sustainable boating and how these innovations contribute to conserving marine environments.

The National Electric Boat Association invites all interested parties to join this pivotal event. By participating, you’ll be part of a movement towards sustainability in the maritime sector, contributing to a legacy of environmental stewardship in Spain and beyond.

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